Serving Westshore and Greater Victoria

Westshore towing services

Throughout our many years of serving the Victoria, Westshore, and Sooke communities, we’ve provided world class service to thousands of customers.

We can assure you that once a call has been made to our emergency 24/7 tow truck hotline, a truck will be there very shortly to assist you.

You can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands with Westshore Towing.

Westshore Towing Ltd. has a 4×4 tow truck in the Westshore area. We can assist you if you have a dead car battery, if you locked your keys in your vehicle, or if someone has inconveniently parked in front of your driveway. Whatever it is, we’re happy to help by offering our towing services in any way that we can. Contact us Today.

Battery Boost

We’ve all done it: left our lights on overnight; while at work; or even grocery shopping. Don’t worry! Westshore Towing can offer you a battery boost, also called a jump start.
A boost is a method of starting a vehicle, powered by an internal combustion engine, when the vehicle’s battery has been discharged. A second battery is temporarily connected to provide starting power to the vehicle. Once the your vehicle’s engine is running, you’re good to go! It’s as easy as that.

Flat Tire Change

If you find yourself with a flat tire, don’t continue to drive; pull over immediately to avoid damage to the wheel. We can be there within minutes to put your spare tire on your car.
There’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the highway (or maybe even in the middle) with cars speeding past. Let us take care of tough stuff, all you need to do is call.

Scrap Car Removal

24 hours a day, seven days a week there’s someone at Westshore Towing ready and waiting to start your scrap vehicle removal process. All you need to do is provide the details and our expert employees can take it from there while you sit back and relax.
Please don’t hesitate to call us if your vehicle is beyond hope, or if you simply want it gone. Our trained employees with many years of experience should be able to get your scrap car out without any problems.

Fuel Delivery

Did you forget to fill your tank with gas, leaving yourself stranded on the side of the road? No problem – we’re happy to help. We offer emergency fuel delivery and we can be there within minutes.
All you need to do is let us know what kind of fuel your vehicle runs on, and we’ll bring it to you so you can get back on with your day.

Flat Deck Towing

Our flat deck tow trucks can to tow your vehicles, ranging from small cars, to large trucks, and vans. Vehicles with All Wheel Drive (AWD) should be towed on a flat deck.
Our flat deck fleet allows us to load vehicles at ground level for a safe and controlled loading service.

Towing from Accident Scenes

If you have been in an accident, the most important thing is the well being of everyone involved. In the aftermath comes the stress of worrying about your vehicle.
Westshore Towing can tow your vehicle after an accident, once the vehicle is released from the scene. We have Westshore’s only 4×4 truck to get your vehicle out of those tough spots safely.

Local and Long Distance Towing

Looking for the best way to transport your vehicle across city lines? Westshore Towing can ensure that your vehicle is transported safely and on time.
Whether you’re moving across town, transporting your prized show car, or just need your favourite vehicle towed safely, you can trust that Westshore Towing will be there to make sure your day goes smoothly.