Summer Driving, Buckle Up!

Aw yes, the family road trip, one of the many (if not the) quintessential summer bucket list experiences. Whether you consider it an exciting vacation or your own personal hell one thing remains the same: summer road safety is crucial. In fact, according to the United States Department of Transportation while most people would assume that winter is the most dangerous season to be on the road, due to icy roads and poor visibility, it’s actually summer that takes the prize for the season with the most accidents. So whether it be for work or play here are some summer driving tips to stay safe out there:

(1) Get Your Car Serviced.

This seems like a no brainer, but everyone needs a little reminder now and again.

  • A well-maintained tire is your best friend when it comes to protection against breakdowns and crashes. High temperatures can exacerbate already weak tires so regular checks for pressure and overall condition are suggested.

(b) As Nelly once famously said, “it’s getting hot in here… so get your cooling system checked.” Make sure to check coolant levels often and listen to your cars fan when the engine is idle to determine if there are any issues.

(2) Sharing the road

Warm weather means more people on the road, not just other vehicles but bicyclists and motorcyclists alike. Accidents can be avoided first and foremost by staying aware and increasing your following distance to what the experts say should be four or more seconds behind.

(3) Know what to do during summer storms

Due to the oil and dirt roads can become extremely slippery during the first dew minutes of rainfall. It is also important to avoid driving through thunderstorms when possible. If you do find yourself caught in the midst of a storm make sure to check your mirrors, obey the rules of the road, and realize that other drivers are just as nervous so you need to be patient.

(4) Check ahead

Making an online route and checking for accidents can help you to avoid traffic or unexpected closures. Creating a strategy as to when you travel is also a great way to avoid delays. For example, traveling back on a Sunday afternoons or evening on a major road/highway is most likely going to result in a slow crawl home.

(5) Construction Zones

There is truth behind the joke, “Canada has two seasons, winter and construction.” When going through construction zones use extreme caution and follow all road signs while remaining aware of pedestrians and workers.

(6) Avoid drinking/eating in the car

Whether it be trying to get to work on time or downing a burger while towing your camper to the family reunion, five minutes is nothing compared to the negative impacts that can result from distracted driving.

(7) Keep your windshield clean and always have a pair of sunglasses in the car in order to lower risks of avoidable crashes. You may be happy that the sun is out, but it’s not always as happy to see you.

So there you have it, a guide to summer driving safety. Now go read the manual on how to assemble your tents and roast some marshmallows… just not while driving.



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