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Flatdeck vs. Wheel Lift Hauling: What’s the Difference?

Posted by on December 10th, 2017 in Towing



Tow truck operators take a number of factors into consideration when determining what kind of truck to send out, which is why it is important to give correct information when the dispatchers ask, such as the make and model. This helps tow operators make the right choice for which haul to take. The difference between a flatbed and wheel lift tow truck is good to know when you’re calling a tow company, so it is easier to receive the right help as quickly as possible.


Flatdeck Auto Hauling

The flatdeck features a deck connected to a hydraulic lift, where the back end can be lowered to the ground. This allows cars to be pulled onto the deck with a winch. The entire truck will be lifted off the ground onto the deck, there is no need to worry about vehicle damage. It is easier to tow all-wheel drive vehicles without having to worry about damage to the drivetrain. One not so helpful feature with flatdeck trucks is that they are quite large, so they have trouble fitting into tight spaces. It can also take a longer time to pull a truck onto the deck, which can be troubling for accident scenes or high-traffic areas.


Wheel Lift Auto Hauling

A wheel lift-truck features a hydraulic boom with two cross bars at the end. For towing a vehicle, cross bars are slipped under the front wheels of a vehicle. This is a quick and easy way to tow a vehicle, and can fit into tighter spaces than a flatbed would be able to. Wheel lift hauls are the most popular with those who need to get a tow quickly. The downside to wheel lift auto hauling is that they do not work well with all-wheel drive vehicles.


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