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Top notch service! if you need a tow truck in the westshore area these are your guys! the wife and i had a dead battery last night and they came right out within minutes and had us on the road again.

Thanks again guys

Much thanks to your driver who towed my son in laws truck . He did a great job and took good care of my daughter and my grand daughters til I got there, As typically they were on their way to my parents place on the hat to repair it and it broke down in

Hugs Vicki

I am so happy to hear something positive is sent your way. Many people only hear the negative but if they could just hear all the positive wonderful things you do in our community that go unmentioned and not noted… if only they knew! Westshore Towing has such beautiful clean vehicles, you were a great


I was feeling a little frantic the other day as I left my car lights on all day at work and my battery quit on me. Westshore Towing arrived within five minutes and got me on my way in no time! Thanks for your efficient and excellent service!